Need to improve you English for work? 

English for Professionals is designed to improve English fluency and accuracy as well as the ability to confidently use English in a professional setting to help you succeed in business. 

Intended for delivery in a workplace setting, this course develops the skills needed to: 

  • Communicate confidently in English in a professional setting; 
  • Deliver formal presentations in English in a corporate environment; 
  • Write reports in English; and
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of multi-cultural business etiquette. 

This course helps overcome common mistakes made and difficulties experienced by Myanmar learners of English.

English for Business Professionals is made up of two 20 hour modules which can be delivered in a block or individually depending on individual or business need. 

Group pricing is available on request. 

"The English for Business Professionals course provided me with an incredible learning experience and I am able to apply the new skills in my work. All the teachers are highly qualified and professional. All those in the modern workforce should attend this course."
Khin Khin Tun
Frontiir Co.,Ltd.

"AEC's English for Business Professionals course gave me an incredible learning experience which is relevant for my workplace. All the teachers are native speaker, highly qualified and professional."
Kyae Mone Kyaw
Norwegian People’s Aid

"The English for Business Professionals course at AEC gave me a great learning experience. The learning activities are relevant for my workplace. I also gained a lot of knowledge regarding modern workplace communications. I am glad that I attended this course. I hope all those in the workplace get the chance to attend this course which is taught by the experts."
Yin May Poe